Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away………yeah get fucked.

Yesterday all my troubles reaered their heads and gave me he arse-whipping of the century.

And it was the first of my treatments.

Dont ask if it went well. With many many more ahead, its not like you can evn tell how it went yet.

I can report, however, that it wasnt as much fun as ive ever had. And today was worse, but Im thinking that was probably because all the stress, tension & anxiety came to a head, and it was a bit of a release and a let-down effect.

All I can say is thank god its happenening now instead of during summer, because one common side effect is irritated skin, and often to the point where sunlight will cause severe rashing and burning. Oh joy. Like thats something you want over summer.

My tits are just fine being the colour they are thankyou very much!

So as for how I am, who the fuck knows. Theres alot going on behind the scenes here. Alot I havent told anyone, even Dickhead.

But Im not dead yet. So thats a start.

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6 Comments on “Yesterday”

  1. debz Says:

    Not sure what kind of treatment you are having (i.e. world war of the I.V. poisons, or attack of the glow-in-the-dark rays) but whatever it is, I’m not going to offer up any mindless platitudes about thinking positive, or chin up, or take one day at a time, or think what the treatment might do for you, or wankerish advice like that. Treatment, is a monumental BITCH. We all know it’s going to benefit us in some way or another, but it fucking sucks. What’s more interesting than treatment? Shopping? Tick! Sex?? Yes Yes!!!! Having a drink with mates? HELL YEAH!!!!!!!! Cutting your toenails????? Yup better than treatment!!!!!!!!!! Listening to talkback radio announcers with your Nanna???? Ummm, I think I would rather have chemo…..

    ANYWAY you get the picture. Just wanted to say hello from a stranger 🙂

    CHIN UP!! (kidding…) *winks*

  2. huniii Says:

    Ill take “attack of the glow in the dark rays” for 50 thanks.

    Nice to see a lurker comin out of the shadows!

    Thanks for the absence of empty platitudes – they really do piss me off.

    Dont stay a stranger, mkay?

  3. SH Says:

    *insert empty platitudes here*

    Seriously, if I were cancer, I wouldn’t fuck with you, Huniii.

  4. huniii Says:

    SH – i assure you, that bitch is going down.

    its just sometimes i think she might take me with her

  5. steph Says:

    I don’t know what to say that doesn’t sound wanky.
    I just hope you’re holding up as well as you say you are. I have a feeling you’re not as tough as you make out. Having said that, i really hope there are people in your life, who are at the very least, holding your hand while you slay the dragons.

  6. huniii Says:

    Thanks Steph. And if your anything like me, which I think you are, you probably say plenty of wanky things all the time, so feel free to wank away *wink*

    Unfortunately, I am that tough. Definately a retge boer! stubborn, proud & determined.

    Hand holding is kind of a hindrance whilst dragon slaying, those buggers are tough & I need both hands! But Bugalugs has a habit of telling me he loves me – says it just totally out of the blue, & Dickhead buys me coffee every chance he gets (i live on the stuff) & a few others pop their heads up occassionally to see how I am, so its all good I guess.

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