Well DUH, Dickhead!

Perhaps that last post MIGHT just contain a hint as to why Im not impressed with Dickheads suggestion that he go home to Lebanon to do something for me.

Thats nice of you to offer to be nice to me babe. Just maybe you coulda picked, oh i dunno, a SLIGHTLY better time to do it?

Fuck. Like Im gunna let him go over there right now.

And no, I dont control him, or have any say in what he does, so its not like I LET him do anything, its not my place to allow or deny him to do anything.


When it comes to him going to a country thats having the crap bombed out of it, whether its home or not, I dont give a fuck. Im not letting him go.

So there babe. You dont like it? STIFF SHIT. Thats my job as your wife to say no to that. Its the first no youve got, so fucking listen to it.

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