Uh Huh

So welcome to the idiot who has hit this blog 8 times in 2 days under the search “sex with my muslim girlfriend”. Well done you wanker.

So another meme ive been tagged on, for reasons of amusement. Well ha ha ha ha ha. I didnt even orchestrate it but ive managed to un-funny-ify (yes thats a word) it.

5 Things Meme (5 groups if not 5 individual items, anyway)

2 Mobile phones, 1 handsfree cordy thingy, 1 bluetooth handsfree


Pack of smokes, cigarette case (yes I do see the stupidity here), lighter



IN MY REFRIGERATOR (I had to add freezer to get to 5)
(Dickhead pissed himself laughing at the prospect of me writing this bit – he’s always bitching that I have nothing to eat in my house)

2 Bottles wine (one chardy, one sparkling, but both DEFINATELY white)

1 bottle coke (to go with the spirits on top of the fridge)

Jelly (for bugalugs)

Half a loaf of frozen bread (for bugalugs’ toast)

2 bottles Vodka

(can I add the intention to have some milk in there for coffee? Actually, despite this we eat well, just most of it at my grandparents place because I care for them too. Im actually a really good cook and a bit of a health food freak)

Shitloads of shoes

Shitloads of clothes (including about 30 pairs of jeans)

Shitloads of makeup and assorted beauty products

A few boxes up high – contents unknown because theyve never been unpacked (i moved in about 3-4yrs ago)

A bunch of handbags I never use
IN MY CAR IMELDA tagged me for this because, and I quote “coz I’m laughing my arse off thinking about how many pages she’s gonna need for the contents of her car!” to which Dickhead said, laughing, and I quote “fuck yeah, she’s right on that”. So here goes (for the daily driver):

2 tickets for parking, 3 parking fines, pretty-smelly0thingy i still havent put on the airvent, 2 keycards, assorted coffee club cards/discount cards for hair/nails etc, a million fuel receipts, rego papers, greenslip & pinkslip (still), 8 assorted peices of unopened mail, 5 lipsticks, 2 lipglosses, 6 perfumes, 2 teabags (dont ask) $87.95 in assorted $5 notes and shitloads of coins, 3 pairs of shoes, a cardigan, clean shirt & jeans, tampons, spare fuses & lightglobes (including 2 fuses that were for my VH commodore that I sold over a year ago that wont fit this car, ciggarettes, 4 lighters, case for my stereo face that I never bother to use, as well as the remote for the stereo that I also dont use, approx 500 CDs, in car chargers for both my phones, plus charger for my bluetooth and its USB adapter, 2 archive boxes worth of files etc from clients (but not in archive boxes, just strewn through the boot) Dickheads laptop, keys to my office, Bugalugs’ overnight bag, 3 matchbox cars, 5 Mcdonalds happy meal toys, 2 invoice books, street directory, Bugalugs’ sunnies, 13 pens, 1 highlighter, 2 mascaras, compact, tweezers, 1 nail polish & 1 top coat, 2 emery boards, moisturiser, makeup bag (with no makeup in it) 3 flash drives and a pile of scres that ive forgotten where they go, 6 phikllips head & 2 flat head screwdrivers, 16peice socket set with 2 extention bars, 3 floor tiles, 2 listerine pocket packs, 1 toothbrush & a condom.

Yes Ims & DH, I did clean it out recently. About 1 – 1 1/2 weeks ago.

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2 Comments on “Uh Huh”

  1. Imelda Says:

    OK. That is officially the closest I’ve ever come to wetting myself while reading a blog. Did you sit out in your car with a fucking notebook and make a list or something?

    P.S. You forgot spilt champagne.

  2. huniii Says:

    notebook? yes, but the electronic kind not the pad & paper kind

    and I didnt forget that. i chose not to include it along with the 500 other things that have been spilt in there.

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