Screw You Guys – Im Going Home

After being told off by more than one person about how unemotional I sound when relaying this news, I say SCREW YOU GUYS. Ive had enough people dying around me and Im sick of it. Its fucking horrid. And if ive reached my limit & come across as removed from the situation, then so be it. Im still blogging it though, coz its my blog and I’ll type what i want to.

JW came out here to Sydney in the late 90’s. He left in 2002. Back home, he followed in his fathers footsteps and joined the USMC, or the MARINES for those of you playing “perve on the hot guy in the sexy uni at home). He went to Iraq, and has been there for a while as you may recall.

About a month after arriving, he watched his best mate (by mate I mean member of his company) have his hand blown half off. A little while later he was standing with a couple of mates watching a building being blown apart & one of the guys standing beside him was hit by a peice of concrete & it crushed his shoulder. We all got rather worried, waiting for the “bad things come in 3s” thing. WTF would be next? Well, about a month ago he was shot in the head. It must have been a riccochet because he was fine, just a headache and a scar with a great story to tell when he got home. His time was up, when 2 days before heading home he ws offered to stay an extra couple of months. With a girlfriend back home he wants to propose to, he goes against the advice of his family & friends and accepts it. The extra money he makes by being deployed is something he doesnt want to pass up. He already has earned enough for a deposit on a house, & he realises that with the extra time his earnings from his little foray into the middle east will pay for the wedding & honeymoon too. Its an offer he sees as too good to pass up.

A couple of nights ago his dad called me. He was out on patrol and was shot. Hes coming home early. Hes coming home in a box.

His family is devestated. And struggling with feelings of anger, and guilt for that anger. Its making it worse, as if burying a child isnt enough.

He should have come home. He had the chance to return to his family. He had the chance to be home, safely away from war torn foreign lands.

Regardless of your opinion of whether the “allied forces” should/shouldnt have entered iraq, whether they should have left by now, or anything else to do with the conflict, Im asking you to do something else, to think something different to the usual discussions and justification arguments, most of which you probably have no right to comment on, and your opinion is most likely ill-informed anyway.

So stop all of that, and consider this for a moment if you will.

A young man, with a family, a girlfriend, a group of friends, a whole life to lead, went to work one morning. And now hes dead. Thats a whole persons life, gone. I dont get a fuck about the conflict. Just about the man. The man who wont be coming home to build the mustang his dad bought him for when he came home.

Trust me, Im grieving. Even if it doesnt sound like it. Ive just cried so many tears over so many men, women & children lately, all of whom had their lives cut short, that the weight of all those possibilities lost feels crushing. To think of all that has been lost – and this is just what affects me personally – is such a shame, such a waste. It quite simply defies comprehension. So indulge me with some time to process, please.

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2 Comments on “Screw You Guys – Im Going Home”

  1. huniii Says:

    Summin like that, huh babe.

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