Shame on me…

Lately I have been criticising South Africa. Well, not really critising per-se, seeing as its still quite likely that my comments will be proven to be exactly what happens, but anyhooooo…..

The point was that after all the kudos the Germans got for the running of the World Cup, (dont forget, im part german) 2010 was fast being looked upon as something the other side of the family had to live up to.

Ha. (hahahahahahahahahaha)

Anyway, thanks guys at home for finally unveilling a logo last week:


At least we know youve been doing SOMETHING!!!

Now you will all recall my previous whinges that Nelspruitt doesnt seem to even ever have been heard of over here (or anywhere else beyond South Africa) but believe it or not people, it does exist, and its actually somewhere most people over there have heard of. Its a major town,  and a capital of one of the provinces, which is kinda like our states and territories. I guess you could call it Adelaide. Its no Sydney or Melbourne, but its not a Hobart neither!

Anyhoo, point being, that just a few measly kilometres outside of Nelspruitt, in October this year (according to the schedule, but we all know what that means) they will be building Mbombela Stadium. Which is due to be finished in 2008 and will see hot guys in shorts chasing a ball in 2010, all being well. (note the eta on completion is 2 years early…..hmpf)

Mbombela Stadium is set to seat 45,000 under a cantilever roof resembling a giraffe……WTF??? Im afraid I just cant picture it. (in case your wondering, Kruger National Park is just up the road….. well, south-africanly-speaking-distance-wise it is)

So I dont know. Are we getting our act together or what? Actually, that makes sense. Nobody knows whats going on, there are plans that really no-one expects to follow, and somehow things just…..well….sorta pop up, finished and klaar, all at the last minute, as if there was never any doubt. And its all totally acceptable and normal.

God love ’em!

So heres some National & Local pride to make up for it.

And yeah, I have somewhere to stay in 2010, should it all go well…..or even if it doesnt!

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