And another sigh.

ISP issues have kept me offline alot lately. Bastard things. Is solved now and normal routine shall commence………….now.

Right, thats one thing to cross of the list! Next pease!

So I was out and about doing onsite visits with clients the other day and stopped off at McDonalds between clients after hearing the call of nature. McDonalds because their facilities are always clean. Or at least, cleaner than the alternatives. Whilst in there, someone came in to the stall beside me, and as women know, most girls will try to disguise their business with a simultaneous flush or other diversion. Not this girl. I swear, it was a fucking elephant in there! It scared me people! That sort of volume and pressure is just NOT NORMAL. So please, if it was you, seek medical help. (Im so socially concious, me)

Dickhead and I have had some frikkn mad arguments lately. Its been AWFUL. I feel tyhe inevitable approaching like a freight train.

I have been re-evaluating the quality of friend I am. In less than a month, 2 of my closest pals have left this world by their own means. The beautifull Ness put herself to sleep a couple of weeks ago with an entire bottle of sleeping pills, and 2/3 bottle of scotch. And Frog, just this past Sunday shot himself in the head. For 2 friends to kill themself and me to have no clue that they felt that way (sad yes, suicidal no) well just what kind of friend does that make me?

Oh and on the Cancer front, I have pushed back the start date for the upgraded attack. Beginning that sort of treatment during the school holidays isnt such a good idea.

Anyhoo, thats it from me for now. My brain feels as though it will explode.

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2 Comments on “Sigh”

  1. Scorpy Says:

    I have been away for a while to clear my head also…but I truley have no words to express how I feel on Suicide and what you must be going thru other than Dpression is a mean muther’ and very hard to understand. I have stood on the breach but come back. Stay well and stay safe πŸ™‚

  2. I hope you are feeling all right despite all the stuff that’s been going on πŸ™‚

  3. steph Says:

    Take care of yourself hun.

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