Bananas Do It Differently

I still cant quite bring myself to write about it all yet.

Some bits have been good.

Some bits have been awful.

Some bits have been quite scary.

Ive learnt alot about myself and others.

And my loopyness means its still being processed in my mind.

Dickhead and I went up the coast to try and clear my head on a few issues, and I think also to reassure himself on a few things. Im not sure how it went for him, although for me it brought about a surprising realisation. One which of course Dickhead said he was already aware of, and he’s probably right. Im not totally sure about how I feel about it, and so am resorting to the usual mumbo-jumbo.

She will be here soon, so hopefully I will be able to see my way clear to the solution.

Im still reading everyone, albeit a tad sporadically now, but the next few days should see that resolved.

Promise things will be back to their confusing regularity shortly.

As for the title, you know who you are. It meant alot. Im looking forward to Thursday. I guess I just wanted you to know that you really helped my heart, and my mind was better for it too.


PS bananas still do it differently. i asked someone else about it – they agree with me. your doing it wrong!

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One Comment on “Bananas Do It Differently”

  1. Aurelius Says:

    Spikey ninjas???

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