22nd June 2006
Country  State/Region  City  ISP
  Num City Region Country Name  
drill down 38
drill down 20 Melbourne Victoria Australia Australia
drill down 9 Sydney New South Wales Australia Australia
drill down 8 Brisbane Queensland Australia Australia
drill down 4 Penrith New South Wales Australia Australia
drill down 3 Manchester England United Kingdom United Kingdom
drill down 2 Tokyo Tokyo Japan Japan
drill down 1 Canberra Australian Capital Territory Australia Australia
drill down 1 Cologne Nordrhein-westfalen Germany Germany
drill down 1 Wichita Kansas United States United States

WTF is unknown???? Are these people on the moon? I mean, c'mon!

And why am I so popular in Melbourne lately? Is it because you know Im heading down there soon?

SH, I see you bumping the UK numbers. But where have the rest of you gone?

Tokyo? WTF?

All I can say is, how cool is it that Someone from Wichita, Kansas was here today?

What is striking me though, is 2 things. Firstly, one of the blocked IP Adresses is still showing. And secondly, why today, and plenty of other days recently have my regular readers in some particular countries not shown up? Whered ya go? Are we playing hide n seek? And thirdly (yes I know I said 2 things, kiss my arse) I really hate this 100 limit to the log. It makes it very hard to look up certain peoples activities, and know if their reading or not. So if you are, and you know who you are, can you please say hi? I miss you.

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4 Comments on “Newbies”

  1. SH Says:

    Manchester? Never went near the place…

  2. Scorpy Says:

    My sitemeter actually shows my visits as Country unknown, lately…My ISP has been jumping around the Australia, over the last few months, so I don’t know WTF bigpond is doing…I live on the Central Coast of Queensand yet I am registering in Brisbane and Canberra…Why???
    I think Melbourne is the blogging capital of Astralia!!

  3. Honey Says:

    Course not! Never heard of England, have ya?

    Is your IP address scoring the frequent flyer miles for all that?

  4. xzpstnaoc Says:


    nevprgajlc wksvmi ftkikhjkbm ieftxsii

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