Freudian Slips

Do you believe in them?

Are those little “slip of the tongue”s just that, or do they speak of what we really think and feel?

Because I heard one from someone recently. And its a big deal. To me at least. And at first it was scary, but now that Ive thought about the idea a bit, I actually like it. And the more I think, the more I like.

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3 Comments on “Freudian Slips”

  1. Dollop Says:

    That’s when you say one thing and mean yer mother, innit?

  2. Janina Says:

    Freudian slip: Whereby repressed material in the unconscious finds an outlet through slips of the tongue or unintended actions. I remember I said something bitchy to a friend of my closest girlfriend, it just came out and was so unintended. Guess I was harboring some jealousy??

  3. huniii Says:

    Yup. That’d be her.

    Ah, the green eyed monster. Fucking bastard jumps up and bites us all at some time.

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