Cleaning Out The Beehive

Disjointed post? Yes. Apropos of nothing? No

This is my 199th post on this blog. Also, A number of things have been changing in my world, and alot more are just about to. So I thought it as good a time as any to clear out my closet, draw a line in the sand etc, etc, etc. So if it doesnt flow, I dont care. If its pointless drivel, nothings new lol. So here goes:

Togo. Its a country people. Why has no one ever heard of it? Hasnt anyone ever used an atlas? sheesh.

Someone who works for a client of mine has found this blog. Im not sure what to do about that. It doesnt sit too well.

Work is going well. Im about to put in a lot more effort, and make a proper go of it. Even without any effort, it supports me, my son, my investments, and until recently an employee. That employee made a big mistake, and lost her job because of it. An unforgivable breach of confidentiality. So Im looking for someone new. Or at least I will be when I start looking. So anyone in the Sydney metro whos good with the PERSONAL side of things (as Im the wiz when it comes to business) give me a shout.

Soccer. Woo Hoo. Ill spare you the boring repetitive comments youve all heard. Let me just say, that those of you who thought i was stupid, are now starting to eat your words. Even if it is just licking your lips in anticipation atm. For those of you who dont know what i mean, a book was made at approx 800-1 on the Roos getting to the final 4. No, i dont think they will either. But at 800-1, and previous instances in the world cup of good teams choking, and long shots coming good, I put $50 on the Roos. Dont laugh. 50 bucks is nothing if you lose. its $40,000 if you win. How can I go wrong? Plus, its worth the $50 just for the anecdote!

NRL – Fucking Origin. 2 reasons. 1st, i pretty much tuned out after 2 1/2 minutes last night with it being obvious who would win. 2nd, it leaves us fucked for the comp, with so much of our pack worn out from playing for state. Bastards. Better get their act together for in a fortnight. I cant stand the idea of Dickhead having bragging rights over the ONE game we have against each other all season. Ill hunt them down should they lose that one. Im willing to conceed to Qld so long as were fresh for the Storm game!

Rugby – Wendall Sailor. Fucking LEGEND. Love love love him. Overrated in NRL, fucking underrated in Rugby. Go you good thing! what a save!

I think one of my clients is trying to kill me. They decided to mix the sticky shit you tile with INSIDE yesterday when they started tiling the office floor. DUST. DUST. DUST. I couldnt breathe. (yes they know about my lung cancer) So I had to leave. It was really bad, and they didnt even cough. So it was just me having a fit, needing to be helped downstairs and outside. It was aful. It hurt. It was EMBARRESSING! But mostly scary. Is this what I have to look forward to?

A very close friend passed away on Tuesday. Hense my absence. Its very sad, and I miss her muchly. She took her own life. Its not the first time a friend of mine has done so. I wish I could have done more. I wish she had told me how badly she was feeling. ]

My first phone bill with 3 has come in. Ive been silent since my last rant, but trust me when i say the fucktardary of this company is ASTONISHING. Its a massive drama, and is still fucked, and far from solved. The newest crisis is being overcharged on just ONE item by over $450.00. GET FUCKED. grrrrrrrrrrr. I really dont need this agravation.

I got my hair cut. Im spiky again. Now if i could just do my nails at the same time……. instead of having them evenly spaced so that one or the other is in constant need of a touch up. sigh. coordination. look it up Honey.

Tonight Im going to have a bubble bath with some wine and a trashy book. Dont ring me.

Why are mens clothes so cheap? Why does Dickhead pay less than $50 for his cargo pants, and my latest pair cost over $280? WTF??

What makes Hippos move? This one on my chest needs an eviction notice. Which way to Hippo Tennancy Tribunal?

Fuck. Its. Cold.

Why when you least want it does the scarlet bitch always always ALWAYS show up?

I have a headache. Its been here for three days. I want it GONE.

Time seems to be going so fast. Where'd it all go? Where can you buy more?

D-Day was about the Cancer. Its not good news. I need to step up my attack to the next level. Im calling it "Delta Level 3". Why? Coz it sounds like fun. Much more fun than "shitloads more time in hospital and feeling even crapper"

Comments regarding the cancer are subject to the following rules: NO prayer circles etc. NO heartfelt sympathy. NO bollocky "heart goes out to you" bullshit. Because, admit it. You dont know me, you dont really care, and so it means nothing.

I am however OK with cussing it out. Perhaps thats how you cure cancer, you swear at it so much it goes away? 2 years is not going to see my son grow up. Its not going to see me with enough in his trust fund to die knowing he'll be OK. Its not enough to see my grandparents to their graves. (im not heartless, its just that no me, means a nursing home, and they dont want that.) Its not enough for alot of things. So it cant happen. Im not going to let it. It can go and get fucked. Or at least have the decency to go into remission so that I can go get fucked in every position and place imaginable. And since I have a very good imagination, Im going to need more than 2 years for that!

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4 Comments on “Cleaning Out The Beehive”

  1. To much shite to go through in detail so here’s a summary…

    Sorry to hear about your friend.

    Men’s clothes are far more expensive…Women can by craploads of singlets, skirts, dresses etc for like $5 each and blokes have no chance.

    Hippos are amphibious and can sleep underwater…your bubblebath will help that then.

    Geography is a fairly weak point in the education of most Australians. They’d have no hope Togo. Luckily Burkina Faso didn’t qualify.

    Sex is better when you’re on the rag. Telecoms company make you feel like you’re on the rag all da fuckin time.

    You got the Wendell thing the wrong way around…he was great for the Broncos. Shithouse for the Reds and the Waratahs. Fact!!!

    I’ve never respected Cancer – I’ve always been a Leo man myself.

  2. Scorpy Says:

    Brilliant post!!! LMAO.
    My mate (working in Saudi) bet on the Swans and Tigers winning their grand finals last year. He bet $600 to make $1,000,000 (yes a million) so when the Swans won centrebet freaked and offered him $750K before the Cowboys/Tigers game to ensure they did not have to pay the Mill. He took the offer because as he said he started with nothing and he was risking a Mill so he still WON BIGTIME!!!!
    I’m getting close to 200 post also…I wonder what I will blurb on about???
    Did big Dell get off the drug thing??? Central Qld is not great for news south of the border. I’d rather have Loti than Dell!
    Our Cosmetics (Shampoo/Cologne etc) are also cheaper and you should see the ridiculously LOW prices we pay for jocks…you girls are getting Screwed BIG time

  3. SH Says:

    My heart goes out to you and I am setting up a pryer circle AS WE SPEAK 😛

  4. Steph Says:

    Snapping duck shit, girl. So much to digest in one post. I think Cancer should be running scared from the likes of you. What hope does it have? Fuckin hell if i was in your body, I know I’d wanna get the hell out….that sounded a bit rude…kinkeh even….:P

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