Couldnt Have Said It Better Myself

THIS is such a fantastic explination of sentiments I share. I urge you all to read it.

Its so hard to explain how I feel, and what I think on the issue, and thats BEFORE you through in the racist bullshit that so often accompanies anything you say.

I mean, how dare someone comment truthfully on how they feel about their own country?

How the fuck would a citizen of that country have any idea of what REALLY happens there?

How ludacris is the idea that living and breathing a situation would actually give you some sort of credability of opinion?

One day, should you be interested, I will regale you with memories and experiences. I suggest you bring a spare pair of undies, instead of those marshmallows.

Its not all the fucking Lion King people. Just ask MFC how his planned nuptuals were cancelled. Its called murder.

Sheesh. Its really got me going, that one. Hasnt it just.

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2 Comments on “Couldnt Have Said It Better Myself”

  1. Steph Says:

    Haven’t read the post so can’t really comment, but i have read Alec’s opinion of the situation in that country before.
    I guess we’d have to live there to really appreciate what goes on.

  2. Honey Says:

    Its hard to appreciate it even when you do live there.

    I guess it shows why Im here.

    Home feels a long way away sometimes. And not just geographically

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