Things That Made Me Laugh Today

  • PIA, upon realising that not only did I get her back for what she did to me, but that a WHOLE BUNCH of people knew it too! And unlike her joke on me that was limited to only her, I and Dickhead, the shot was returned 3fold. and then some. Ah, at least she can laugh at herself!
  • the idea that Dickhead thought it mildly amusing, but has no clue as to what is in store for him in response to HIS part in that little prank!
  • Imeldas suggestion regarding watching Dickhead eat some polish sausage. Gold!
  • Dickheads reaction to that suggestion.
  • a collegue relayed one of those thought-inducing "riddles" to a friend. You know, the one about the guy who hung himself in a room with no furniture etc to climb on and a puddle underneath him? His friends response was to ask, in all seriousness, "was the guy naked or wearing clothes?" what the fuck? lol
  • Seeing someone who shall remain nameless, in a professional setting, lie his ARSE off completely straight-faced to a potential customer, whilst his employees were stifling fits of laughter behind said customers back. Only thing funnier was that one of those employess had laughed so hard that he LITERALLY was physically ill.
  • that dancing pig thing on msn – god – i dunno what it is, but that thing makes me laugh EVERY TIME.
  • my neighbours now have a new concretey addition to their front porch – its a scotty dog. I think they dont have friends.
  • the discovery that Bugalugs isnt full of crap, my neighbours garage (remember, these is a middle aged, childless couple residing here) IS, in fact, as he said, FULL of model airplanes that the man spends hours polishing, removing from the garage, driving up and down the driveway, then EVER SO CAREFULLY stowing away, back in the garage. ummmm……1. isnt he a grown up, and 2. dont planes, like, i dunno……FLY??????
  • and finally, poetic justice. A bunch of larrican teens were playing chicken with the traffic on a particularly busy road. After causing many a near miss, and subsequent semi-heart attacks im sure, one, the ringleader, decided to give it a final go, and really go all out in the danger stakes to prove he has a whopping big penis or whatever shite it is they are trying to prove, and darted out in front of a truck. A big one. At the VERY LAST SECOND. Sadly, no, no strawberry-jam-consistancy-teenager for the council to scrape up off the bitumen, but he fucked up alright, just as the truck locked it up, and the boy was jumping onto the footpath, he kicked the gutter and twisted an ancle or some such woosy shit, and his getaway was foiled. And to make things happier, who should have run up the arse of the panicing semi??? thats right, COPPERS!!!! Who, I can assure you with eyewitness testimony, were unimpressed to say the least. Finally, a copper was there, PLUS in a bad mood, right when you wanted them to be.

And not, like is usually the case, right when you DONT.

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