I Forgot

So last night, after Dickhead left, I took Bugalugs out for Dinner with Marcus. Or at least that was the plan. Dickhead and I both left together, and somehow (by somehow, read his car is a dog, and I drive like a woman possessed) I got in front of him by a couple of minutes.

Then, as you do when its cold and I am not wearing anything warm because the car and Marcus' house have heaters, I got a flat tyre. So I pulled over to the side of the road.

And Dickhead drove straight past me. Didnt stop, didnt nuttn.

Apparently he didnt see me. And you wonder why I call him Dickhead? All I needed was someone to loosen the wheel nuts. I can change a tyre (plus much more, im handy like that) but I just dont have the muscles to crack the seal.

Needless to say, I missed a beautiful meal, catching up with an old friend, and 1 1/2 hrs after the incident, finally made it home, FROZEN SOLID. So of course I rang him to rip it up him, and got met with "I didn't even see you"

Does THAT explain a few things, or what????

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4 Comments on “I Forgot”

  1. steph Says:

    God damn girl. Your luck is up the shit lately!

  2. Honey Says:

    Yep. Sure is. But maybe getting better……. but im not posting that till it does. Dun wanna jinx it!

  3. Imelda Says:

    Didn’t you both have mobiles on you? I would have ripped it up him straight away, the second he missed me.
    Sounds like your DH is as blind as my Ex. He would have driven straight past too.

  4. Honey Says:

    Imelda – yeah, he has 3 mobiles, i have 2. problem is, we’re both always on them. Im sure he was on his the whole time he was driving home, which was most of the time i was stuck out in the cold.

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