Blogosphere Quid Pro Quo

For some reason, atm, all through the blogosphere (not on my blogroll, but on those shameful sites you visit that you DONT suggest others read) (oops, no, i didnt mean friends ones that i dont include, theyre private to protet them from my outlandishness) anyway as I was saying, all through the blogosphere of late there have been suggestions about those who dont post pics of themselves.

Or, more so, about those who post pics, but only partial, or "really really close up" ones so you cant tell what they really look like. Hmmmmm. I think they are seriously paranoid to think as they do about us security concious people who only show part of ourselves at any one time, or else they have no non-cyber friends and are craving contact with a human face, not just a body part or two.

Aparrently, those of us who post close up pics are "seriously fat and trying to hide it".

Bwah hah hah hah!

Apparently, those of us who post only one part of our face, such as an eye, are "rather ugly and selecting one non-hideous part in an attempt to fool cyberia into thinking their hot".

Bwah hah hah hah!

And aparrently, those of us who chose to display an avatar/artisticly altered/animated image are just to ghastly to even find ONE appropriately non-puke-inducing body part to display.

Bwah hah hah hah!

To that I say the following in response(and I say this because I was asked for my opinion on this more than once today) to clear the air, on this blog at least……

1. Yep, Im overweight. BUT I'm still plenty attractive. And seriously, what girl is going to say "nah, I really dont want to lose any weight, and I dont need to tone a thing, Im the most perfect shape possible and i dont think my arse is too big"?? Its not going to happen. EVER.

2. I have my physical flaws, as does everyone. My good points, such as my boobs, as pointed out by a fellow blogger (*sniggers at the use of "pointed" so close to the word "boobs"*) and plenty others FAR outweigh my bad points.

3. well thats just stupid, and doesnt apply to me as my pics are 100% Pure Honey

4. And finally, in response, I say that the reason i dont display the whole pic is for security and safety reasons. Anyone I feel close enough to online, and have built a relationship with online to the point where Im not so concerned, has seen my pic. Some have seen many. Im not ashamed of how I look, not at all, not in the slightest. If anything, my self image needs to be taken down a peg. No props required here, thankyou!

5. Anyone who was clever could find pics of me online anyways.

6. Anyone who was SUPER clever could find rather revealing anti-clad, 18yr old hot pre-baby body photos of me online.

7. No i will not post url's.

Hope that clears things up a bit.

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4 Comments on “Blogosphere Quid Pro Quo”

  1. steph Says:

    Yes and I’m sure the ones who said that have NOT posted ANY part of themself on the net.

    My reasons are that i have had my tits all over the fucking internet once before. Hot tip for ya. Don’t trust anyone! Especially ex’s with a revenge agenda.

    Thankfully, they are pretty hard to find now and i managed to get most removed from the sites they appeared on.

    If people think I’m ugly. So be it. I couldn’t give a rats. I’ve shown some people pics of me, and met two people from the blogopshere, I sure as shit won’t be meeting any more though.

    The level of bitchy petty bullshit in Blogsville, really gets on my tits sometimes.

    Give me names of the fuckers who said that. I bet they’re ugly as a hat full of arseholes!

  2. I’m a Mexican schoolgirl who gets pushed in shopping trolley to get to school. That’s why I rarely show my pics unless it’s for so hot smut o’ course.

  3. Honey Says:

    Steph – I wouldnt want to subject you to a hat full of assholes. Thats one hat you DO want to hang up. NOW.

    Russ – I knew it! I knew Id seen you somewhere before!

  4. LiSh Says:

    try completely screwing 2 computer simultaneously, I can’t post a pic coz I lost the bastards, I reverted to ‘toons’ outta desperation

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