Tryn to Get the Pics to Work

whilst hungover. so be nice. please?

Pillowy Goodness

oooooohhhhhh the pillowy goodness.

and the mess on the nightstand. sigh.

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9 Comments on “Tryn to Get the Pics to Work”

  1. Imelda Says:

    A mighty fine (and pillowy) shagging establishment you have there, Hun. Now when are you going to post the photos of it being christened?

  2. Honey Says:

    Its film, not stills.

    Way beyond my capabilities for uploading.


  3. You can fit at least two others on there…or one big fatty.

    Note: the bedroom tis very brown. Have you got a track record of…erm…accidents?

  4. Honey Says:

    Yes, yes you can. Quite confortably too.
    No. Tis not THAT brown. You can only see about 1/6th of it.

  5. I hate accidents more…

  6. Imelda Says:

    Russ – with your penchant for the back door, I’m sure your bedroom decor is a nice, trendy chocolate brown.

    Huniii – did you make your bed for the pic or are you one of those organised people who does it every morning?

  7. Honey Says:

    Im, Im one of those anal people who have to have things perfect. My bed is always made, even after an afternoon nap. My house, and my grandparents’ house are immaculate.

    Except my kitchen. I need washing up fairies. I love cooking, but HATE cleaning the kitchen. If i found a man who likes to clean the kitchen Id marry him

  8. I’m one of those anal people too as Imelda refered too earlier.

    Still never a man who likes to clean the kitchen who isn’t gay.

  9. Honey Says:

    All the good ones are, Russ, as you well know

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