All Good Things Must End

Today a number of things in my life have come to a close. And over the next few days quite a few more will follow.

One in particular is on its way out for such a piss poor fucking reason its not freaking funny. Makes me want to use the c**t word. Oh yes, that one.

However the thing I was meaning by the title, was my love for wordpress. I had been so excited in the move, and since, to have my blog readable again. And useable. Sigh. I even foolishly thought the tecnicamabobbleness would be easier here. OH the tomfoolery of it all! I should know better than that by now, shouldnt I?

So in addition to the mindboggling situation re: the magic that is statcounter, and how the god damn fuck you are supposed to put the little code-y thing in here that I honestly cant be fucked figuring out right now, I have now a new dilemma.


And how to put them here. Coz I cant. Again.

Fuckity Fuck fuck fuck. Fucking retarded fuckyness of the pooters. Made by those fuckiest of fucks, MEN. Fuck.

Yes I do feel better now for that, thankyou children.

And here I am, sitting here with pics of the pillowy goodness, and HOLY FUCK OF FUCKS WAS THAT GOOD LAST NIGHT OR WHAT? Best time ive had in bed by myself for a looooooooooong time! Sorry, no wank masterbatory poetry here. Ill leave that to the talented Steph. Ill just continue with the profanity, as that seems to be my calling in the past few days. What can I say, Im genetically predisposed to be a champion swearer. Just ask our good friend Russell Allen (hey russ, i can add plenty of one liners, words and phrases to your favourite one…..all just as good or betterer even!) Ah the flair, the colour, the originality, and the emphaticness! And the pommy blood means I can say such gems as prat, twat and bollocks as the dear lord intended. Filthy mouth? moi? tee hee hee, not me! (much) and oh my god where was I? ah yes, just about at the bottom of the glass. Best gets me another. Whats that? my post is starting to ramble? And become incoherrant?

bwahhahahahahaha! Since when did i ever make sense?

Pissed? Moi? Course not. So tonight its pillowy goodness along with a liberal amount of maggotty goodness (is that a word?) sprinkled with some incoherant nonsense. And oh yes, those other pics I had are of the wonderful new concretey addition to my neighbours doorstep. I have named it Ralph.

Dont even start me on why I name things. Or why I name them what I do. A guy I once knew I named GEORGE because he refused to tell me his actual name (until then I knew him only by his nickname). He asked why, so I explained that George, for some reason, is a word that makes me laugh. Alot. I love it. Im laughing now just thinking of it. GEORGE! Say it with me now! LOL. So anyway, all was fine and dandy with this arrangement (I even managed to get other people to call him George, and introduced him as such to all my friends). That was, until the inevitable. Let me impart a word of wisdom here girlies. Calling a guy GEORGE because it makes you laugh and be merry is great, but beware. Men dont like it when you unzip their pride and joy, begin to lavish them with oral affection, and then laugh at their name.

I cant understand why, but apparently pissing yourself laughing so hard till you cant breathe whilst face to face with their manhood is not the most condusive method of maintaining an erection.

And with that pearl of wisdom, I leave you to go get myself another bottle of sparkles. This ones empty. MWAH.

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3 Comments on “All Good Things Must End”

  1. steph Says:

    You are well magotted my friend. Best you lay down on that pillowy goodness of which you speak, before you do yourself an injury.

    Nite, nite. 🙂

  2. huniii Says:

    injuries whilst magotted are fine, they dont hurt.

  3. Imelda Says:

    Did someone mention sparkles?
    Yes please!

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