Of Mice & Men

Bear with me, the title will make sense.

Firstly the mice. Theyre back. Fucking little mouse turds all in a heap. Ewww. Fucking little fuckers. Looks like its backout with the little green pellet things. Bugalugs thinks its so cool. He hates the bastards too. He finds it funny (sick little freak that he is) to see their droppings turn green. That way he knows their eating them, and comes to me saying "mum, the mouses shit is green, hes been eating the green things and hes gunna get dead very soon". He says it with such glee. Sigh. Oh well.

Secondly the men. DH and I have hardly seen each other in ages. Busy little buggers that we are. And so naturally, I have been silently getting grumpier and grumpier at this (also not helped by the fact that Im not getting any earth moving shags, but anyhoooooo). So yesterday it came to a head, along with my grumpyness, and so I started to complain. Well, I got to the preamble, anyway.  Then he had to go. Then when he called back I couldnt talk. Then this morning I called and he couldnt talk. Then he called this arvo and I couldnt. Then he called again and I couldnt, but thats OK coz he couldnt either, he just had a few minutes till he got where he was going and so wasted this precious free time on the phone with me. SIGH.

So at the end of it, we both agreed we couldnt talk, but needed to, and decided that later when we could talk, we would have the argument then.

Its such a sad state of affairs when you dont even have time to fight. When even an argument has scheduling difficulties.

Before our day of leisure together on Friday, it had been about 6 weeks since we had spent any real time together. Its hard to keep a friendship going like that. And the strain is really starting to show. At least it is with me. Maybe if I saw him I could tell you about his side. Sigh.

post script – goodness me, what alot of sighing in that post!  Even for me!

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5 Comments on “Of Mice & Men”

  1. Imelda Says:

    1. I fucking hate mice in my house. Green pellets are my friends, and I use them generously.
    2. I’m hearing you on the Men thing. I’m in a similar situation, with long distance thrown into the mix. Why the hell do we bother?

  2. 1. I haven’t seen a mouse since I’ve lived here. I’ve seen several blue-tongue lizards but no mice.
    2. Get it on with the next door neighbour. Convenience if nothing else.

  3. SH Says:

    1. Get thee a cat. For the mice.
    2. Men are not my strong point. No advice here.

  4. Imelda Says:

    1. I’m lovin’ this numberin’.
    2. I hope your neighbour is better looking and smelling than mine.
    3. RA – when do we hear about you getting it on with your pink neighbours? Just a full body wax… sure.

  5. Honey Says:

    1. I should buy shares in green pellets. I hate the colour green, but that is one thing I can stand the colour of. Hooray for the slaughter of small furry critters!
    2. There is a small amount of distance involved here too. Its a 1.5hr round trip, and thats OUTSIDE of traffic hours

    1. Many mice, lizards, snakes, birds of all kinds, possums, roos, emus, frogs, etc etc etc here. Maybe even a leprechaun or two, depending on how much your drinking.
    2. Do you not recall my post about my neighbours???? EWWWWWWW. I will take a photo as soon as I get home and post here of their concrete critter obsession.

    1. There are a MILLION strays around here. Thats what keeps the mice to manageable levels methinks.
    2. Since when does advice work anyway?

    Im the second
    1. Me too, but you broke the 2 rule with this comment, FOR SHAME!
    2. Seriously doubt it. Look up BOGAN in the dictionary. Definition is : Honeys new feral neighbours
    3. Like he needs prompting to tell us that.

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