Connundrum the Second

Ok, so yes, I know its like, AGES sice the first one, but shut up.

So to start, I have a computer. Its has viruses. Yes, virusES. Multiple bits of adware, spyware, trojans, and even a worm. Plus some other stuff that the anti-virus software doesnt feel like catagorising. Every 30 seconds or so, my PC beep as me with a little "plop" noise. 24hrs a day. Its fucked I tells ya, FUCKED!

Now, to fix these thingies, I need to be online. Which of course is where all the little fuckupy things happen (as well as where they came from, thankyou so much guys for all the lesbian porn, blowjobs, threesomes and other unmentionables that you have downloaded, like thats not where it came from). And a big Hello! to all the pissed off perverts from google, I know that sentance will score on the search results. Sigh. No Im not spelling it weird just to keep them away. Where was I? Ah yes. But it seems one or more of these things, besides having turned on the pop up thingys back on, has made it so everytime i open a website, i have about 2 minutes on it before im kicked off IE. Fucking Fucktards. I need to be on there to get the info on how to fuck the fuckers off. Married to a sailor? Moi? Wherever did you get that idea?

So its a week later, to the day, and fuck the sensibilities of others, its my blog and i'll say what I want. I still hate that bit of my house. I hate that the paint is damaged, and that it reminds me of why, but I hate even more the idea of having to fix it. Where are the house painting fairies I asks ya? Where? And what of their cleaning cousins too? Lazy arsed fucks never make it to my house. Bet their in a union. Anyhoooooo….. Ive also run out of that cream that makes bruises dissapate faster. My lovely expensive concealer has reached the very last dribs, and I have run out of clothes that hide them. Strangers are now seeing the bruising and making inane comments about "oooooh that looks like it hurt" and "oh dear, how did that happen". I have run out of polite ways to say "fucking mind your business" and so have started messing with them in really odd ways. Its fun, actually, in a weird way. Im still a bit sore, and sorry for myself, but the real pain is not in the bruising.

Which after glossing over alot of it like that, brings me to someone else who shall remain nameless and their conversation with me today. Which is all I will say about that I think. Just that, and that it left me thinking. Thinking about a great deal more than I wanted to.

Which got me irritated at what quite a few friends had said on the issue. None of which I was overly impressed with.

And on that note, of being unimpressed, please read the following under the proviso that words can never express what I truly feel on the issue, but a small attempt has been made to put it here in as public a forum as possible, so that all may know of my displeasure……..

You, young lady, know who you are. You were one of my best friends for years. You loved me once, as I loved you. You still say you do, which may just be the worst thing you have done. You tried to drive a wedge between me and another. You lied. You recruited others with your lies to help you perpetrate your deciet. You risked my safety, and that of my son. You whored my trust and friendship out to others, and did it for the lowest price imaginable. You put me in a position where I was compromised in one of the worst ways imaginable. You were reckless with my physical, mental and emotional standing. You played with fire, and I got burnt. You injured others through me. The fallout continues to grow, while you sit safe and secure in your fantasy world. You betrayed me, me son, my partner, my friends, your friends, my family, a complete stranger and women as a whole. You committed a crime. More than one. You coerced others to unwittingly commit crimes on your behalf. You blamed others when the shit you stirred started to come back on you. You tried to blame ME, the VICTIM for your actions. You stirred up a hornets nest, and I hope every single one of the little buggers you antagonised bites you on your firm little buttocks that you did NOT get as a gift from god, but for a large sum of money at a skilled doctors hand. Oh I can get WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more bitchy and personal than that, but that is what  you would do, and im so far above you, you cannot even hope to grasp at the concept.  What you did was so far wose than my attacker, I would gladly embrace him if it meant you could comprehend for a moment what you did to me. You have not even apologised. And if you did, I wouldnt accept it anyway.

As of this very instant, you are dead to me. You mean nothing. I will not even allow you to penetrate my thoughts. Everything we ever had is nothing. And this will hurt me probably more than you, but as much as I love your husband and your children, I want nothing to do with them either. I will not ask your husband to betray his wife, and I will not watch your children become in any way the person you are. They are too precious. It pains me greatly to know that they cannot escape the genetic filth you have passed onto them. Someone suggested to me that you should rot in hell, and that I should tell you as much. Honestly, (and fucking hell has this post ever been honest) I wont, because I dont care what happens to you any more.

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