A New Start

So heres to the new blog. Third times a charm and all that. Plus me and three's are just so good together. Oh God. Here we go again then.

I'm not really in too much of a mood to write. Im still trying to finish the set up here, and well, if Im being honest, the reality is Im tired, a bit grumpy still, and its FUCKING FREEZING!!!

 I love my floorboards and all, but this house is so damn cold! And the second you turn off the heating, icicles start to form.

So instead, after such a long and busy day close on the heels of yesterday, which I will post about later, I plan on logging off my computer which incidently has viruses (yes, plural) and curling up under about 6 doonas with a pile of pillows and cussions, a hot water bottle, and a good book.

I'd add a warm drink to the scenario, but that means exposing more skin to the cold air, so nuh.

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