Its Late, & I’m Lazy

so heres the quick version

* cops are useless
*people think that giving an apology automatically grants them immunity from blame
*people wont hear your apology if they dont want to
*once made a decision, people rarely recind
*some people know nothing, not even the limitless bounds to their own stupidity
* using big words doesnt make you seem smart if you dont know what they mean
*I will always get lost when going somewhere new, or far away.
*I dont care how good your directions are, theyre wrong
*23 years in the industry just means your in a rut, not an expert
*i need a haircut
*when the same things keep happening to you, and your the only constant, its YOU whos the fuckup, not everyone else.
*dont mess with me this week. im worn out. & im not holding anything more back, or wasting energy on being polite to people who dont return the favour.
*some people think they have problems. that they have things tough. that they should be cut slack because they are so hard done by. to them i ask, wanna swap?

coz its funny, but every one who has bitched to me about their hard times at the moment get the same look on their face when the idea of dealing with my crap is foisted upon them.

Im not saying your shit is nothing. Im not saying my shit is worse. Im saying dont try making out to me that I should cut you slack when you dont give me any, and dont try telling me how hard your life is, unless your prepared to swap. Because if youd rather keep yours, then it cant be that bad. I dont bring my crap up, that was you, every time. You tried to turn it into a competition and you lost.

so shut the fuck up.

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