almost there

So, after many a spack attack at the fuckedupness that is my tecnicalogicmacal skills, I have decided to concede defeat.

I know, it doesnt happen often, but there we are.

I have fucked around with the damn templates so much that Ive confused even the nerdiest of nerds who have offered their assistance. Score! (not that its a game I want to win, but anyhooooo)

So I have been looking into a new home for my blog. And i think Ive found one. The other one is written in another language, and hosted on a site dedicated to it, so I dont think this blog will get along with the other children, so to avoid any arguments and sandbox incidents I thought it best to just find somewhere seperate.

Its just an easier on the eye skin, and less complicated template, with more focus on the posts, which is the whole point after all. That and I can start anew, which after all the turbulance here and in my life might just help to carry over into reality. Im almost up to 200 posts here, so hopefully it should roughly co-incide, and I’ll be able to draw a line in the sand.

speaking of which, we had fun.

So seeing as a few things in my personal life, my love life, my friends, my business, my family, my finances and my health are all coming to turning points, and a whole heap of changes are happening, Im going to take it as a chance to change a few more, and hopefully turn things around a bit.

Wish me luck i guess. Lord knows Im going to need it.

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2 Comments on “almost there”

  1. Don’t forget to leave a forwarding addresses. We are stupid after all

  2. Imelda Says:

    Hun – I love the new blog. Now I can actually read it on a regular basis. The other one was just a bit too hard to navigate. Thankyou!

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