1. That was NOT a pic of DH in my last post. It was in fact DJ Lenno.

2. I clearly said I was not posting any more details re the last pic and story behind it.

3. I will continue to delete comments as i see fit. This is my blog, not yours. I didnt delete it because it was inflamitory to me. Go ahead and be nasty, I sure as fuck never try to make myself out to be perfect. But like Ive said before, I WILL NOT identify those who do not want to be identified. And use your brain, some things should be emailed. Those things will not be transferred to my comment threads as per your suggestion. Even IF you give me your blessing to edit them. Im not editing your opinions, there yours, and no one should ever edit them, because that makes you appear to have said something you didnt. Im not hypocritical. I wont edit your speech, because I refuse to let you edit mine.

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