Return of the Montage (of sorts)

On my last blog, my montages were a hit. It has been about 6 months since I last did one, and now that the phone thing is slowly slowly getting sorted I thought Id start again.

So here, as a teaser of sorts, is a pictorial snapshot of my day.

Spent AGES trying to find somewhere that is screening this.

If you know of it, PLEASE, tell me.

I’ll love you forever.

It was released AGES ago, and im still on its trail.

Then comes this.

How hot is that?

And again, chasing him.

This ones easy to catch though!

And catch him I do, as often as possible.

Now look at the time.

Still 20kms away from bugalugs.

Do you think I’ll make it to his school by three?

Maybe I will, coz look what happened to the M4 this afternoon.


Are you excited to see inside my house? Dont be. This is the part that I’m hating right now. As of yesterday. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate.

And its only here so I can say to those people “ha ha ha. I AM brave enough to blog about it” Even if thats all Im willing to say about that right now. I still did it.

No I’m not going nuts. I was already there anyway. Theres a story to it. If you know me outside this blog, you already know that. If you dont, you may someday, but not just yet.

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One Comment on “Return of the Montage (of sorts)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    i am truely sorry. i did not know you were serious. i thought what you said was a part of the game.

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