connundrum the first

So recently Aurelius (using his “proper” name because he has identified himself in my comments before) has been crapping on (said with love) on msn about his stat-thingy which is just so much betterer than mine, and after being asked a million times why there were so many people from “INSERT VARIOUS COUNTRIES HERE” reading his blog after being referred from mine, plus a plethora of UFOs, or Un-identified Foreign O’Readers (O’Readers? its like O’Reilly, i didnt make it up, well, i did but what else starts with O to make me look clever-like?) I thought to myself “hmmmm, this thingy sounds good! Much betterer than my thingy” So like any good friend would, I asked him what he uses, and stole it. (with permission of course, im not THAT bad!)

So that explains the little square-thingy at the top of the screen. I dont know how it got there, thats not where I told it to go, so Im calling it “SIMON” because not doing what your told is a male thing, or else Id have called it Simone. Why Simone? After Simone Warne, who is equally vaccuous, just as dull to look at, and doesnt take advice ie: oi you dumb bitch, dump that cheating, low-life loser fuckwit and stop making women look so stupid…….NO! DONT TAKE HIM BACK! where was i? apart from dreaming of bitch slapping some sense into the dumb blonde who makes paris hilton look clever? ahhh yes.

So apart from my technicalogicmacal (is too a real word!) unskilledness (also a word) its working, and there are all these weird and unsolvable things showing on mine too….

So, Hi to all the stalkers I never knew about, and dont know where they came from referral wise (and yes, there are ones in lebanon, and no, DH didnt point them there). And thanks to those who have me blogrolled, people are popping over the back fence so-to-speak from there too. Some are fairly easy to work out a plausable reason for visiting, such as those from belgium, who im assuming read “my boyfriend is a twat” however, india, phillipines and syria are more confusing. (Nessa is syrian, but swears she doesnt know nuffin’)

And most strange of all, is my stalker from here in the far-west-sydney-metro-area. You know who you are. You are logging on from my suburb, via a pretty pink blog. Id love to know who you are. Not your real name and address etc, but do i know you outside of my blog? are you a blogger i read? you know, that sorta thing. feel free to msn or email me, its on my profile.

Which, coincidentally, goes for any other readers who may wish to reach out. I find sometimes there are posts id like to know more or say more about with a blog that i read, but not knowing if the author would think it appropriate, never reach out. So if you do that sorta thing with mine, or just wanna look popular with a huge list of people on your msn, go right ahead. Others have, and I didnt bite! Just dont take the reaching out to the level of reach-out-and-touch, and its all good!

ooooohhhh lookie lookie, thats 2 happy posts in a row!

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One Comment on “connundrum the first”

  1. Steph Says:

    Stat counter is the devils work. I told ya that before. Makes one all paranoid and afeared of strange people who lurk in the dark

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