2 good days

2 rather good days in a row. Wow. What the fuck is going on there?

Yesterday started well when i tripped over the bathroom scales that were in the middle of my bedroom floor after wandering bleary-eyed from the shower. I have given up trying to work out how it got there, as well as why i still wasnt properly awake after a nice hot shower. So i took it as a sign, and jumped on. WOO HOO!! the number was smaller than last time! Cant complain about that now can you?

This was quickly followed by a few work related tasks being completed with no hiccups. WOO HOO again. Then, still early (for normal people it was early anyway) DH called. For some reason i was inordinately pleased with this, but hey, if it made me happy, who cares why? Of course it couldnt last, and he was having a bad day. VERY bad day. But Im taking it as a good thing that he called me as a distraction from his crap, someone who could cheer him up. Knowing him, this was a compliment, and Im taking it as such. I offered my assistance, but as there wasnt anything i could do, he declined, appreciateively. Later, I figured out a way to help, and was indeed helpful. So all was good. And then after some onsites I went and bought him a present. Mostly coz it cheers ME up, but also because Iknew it would him too.

Then took Bugalugs to see ICE AGE 2. This movie has some personal connontations for the 2 of us, and it was a blast. I thought it was quite good, and although there were a couple of scary moments for him, he liked it too. The two of us had a blast shopping, eating and seeing the movie together. It was a FANTASTIC afternoon/evening, and the best part was that by the time we got home, he went straight to sleep, leaving me with HOURS of quiet time to get shit done! Brilliant

Then today, which went well with a heap of clients, had a great conversation with DH, actually, more than one, and had a few things completed nicely, cooked a lovely dinner, enjoyed it with Bugalugs, and a few ideas that have been rattling around in that vacant space above my shoulders are starting to both firm up, and their looking pretty good if i do say so myself!

On the medication front, Im starting to feel MUCH more like myself, and I think im acting more like it too. The hopelessness just feels like PMS, and my mind is feeling much less foggy. Its still not perfect, but seeing as they suggested a time frame of 2-3 weeks before returning to normal, Im really quite pleased with how im feeling right now.

To the point where im considering skyving off on the work front, and grabbing a bottle of wine, a good book, and jumping in a bubble bath. Its a hard choice between that, or cleaning my house. Lets see which one wins. I’ll start the book at 3-1.

Night all.

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3 Comments on “2 good days”

  1. Ice Age 2 has personal connotations for you! Do you love Ray Romano or sumthin?

    I know you will dismiss this statement cos you’re a woman and stuff but you do realise numbers on scales are just numbers and don’t mean nuffin.

  2. Steph Says:

    I liked Ice Age 1 better, although adding Queen Latifah was a good move. 🙂

  3. huniii Says:

    No, ray romano is definately NOT fuckable. The personal connontation was that bugalugs reckons scrat is my mum, because she goes “aaaaaggghhh!” EXACTLY like him.(i say also beacuse they both cant get anything right)
    Numbers on scales never really bother me. PLEASE dont think i have any self esteem issues, because my RL friends will KILL anyone who tries to boost my ego. Its too big now as it is apparently (personaly i think its fine)

    i loved the first one too, and yeah, queen latifah was a huge plus!

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