Open Day

Today was Open Day at bugalugs’ School. Apart from the constant annoying children trying to harrass me into buying books at the book fair, raffle tickets for the most raffles EVER in one location, and other associated CRAP, it was good.

Nice to see what he gets up to every day without me. I think he liked it too. And it was so cute with the “multicultural day” activites. yes, i hear you groaning, and normally those things are VERY groan-worthy (not to be confused with moan-worthy) but it was actually tastefull. And watching him get up and teach the class and assembled parents to say hello in 3 other languages gave me the opportunity to sit smugly in the knowledge that the prissy-little-shit-and-her-stuck-up-mother-who-fills-her-chart-with-stickers-every-week-for-being-good-annoying-teachers-pet couldnt compete with that!

what made it better was that she was asked by a visiting teacher who was also obseesed with this brat, what languages SHE knows, and the kid had to admit “NONE”. Sigh. So wrong to take pleasure in a 5 year olds dissappointment and feelings of inadequacy, but it just felt so GOOD, damn it!

yes, i know, but i was already going straight to hell. and it wont kill her to not be the best at 1 little thing. meh. even if it did, id still love it, who am i kidding?!

post script
actually, i do feel for the kid a bit. her mums like 40-summin, and this is an only child. its obvious to all who’s making this kid so obnoxious

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