so sunday night explained some stuff. i had my house broken into and wound up in hospital.

now that the shock of that is over, and dont i just love saying it that way, let me explain.

recently i have been bitching to all that the new set of meds im on (no, not for my mental state, thats irreperable) have been making me crazy. ive been so sick and moody, and i really did believe that the new meds where why. it was. turns out i was given the wrong dosages, and had been happily following directions and slowly overdosing myself. fun for all, that. and due to the overdoses, my brain got fuddled more than normal, which all will understand is a pretty serious situation for me! So sunday night, after going mental at my boys and a couple of girl friends, and one very EX girl friend, i promptly drove home, and forgetting that i had already done so, took my meds again. hilarity did NOT ensue. trust me, i was glad bugalugs wasnt home.

Luckily for me, my EX-FRIEND, TOF is such a crazy bitch who has to have her say in an argument, and i had earlier incensed her so badly, that she decided “fuck honey, i’m going round there and setting that bitch straight” . Upon arriving at my abode (such a funny word, ABODE) and seeing lights on inside and car parked out front, figured i was home, and as her thumping on my front door and screeming like a banshee had no effect, that now she REALLY wanted to have a go at me. Being the resorcefull thing she is, she jumped the fence, and climbed in a back window, mumbling about me not answering the door not being enough to stop her!

fast forward through frantic fone calls to DH and the boys, trying to work out what wwas wrong, and a quick ambulance ride, and a night in hospital, and you come to the end which saw my meds adjusted and me now (at 5.30 on Tuesday arvo) starting to feel sane again.

I dont know what was worse, not being able to trust myself and feeling so emotional/moody/out of control, or the fact that the extent of bitch-ness TOF possesses was my saving grace.

because, honestly, if it wasnt for her, things could have been bad. real bad.

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