i am so not getting it


have i mentioned im technology challenged?

well, i am.

i got this.

i just cant figure out how to use it. a few bits are working but the rest………. and it was sposed to make things SIMPLER for me.

did i mention how much i hate 3?

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2 Comments on “i am so not getting it”

  1. Steph Says:

    Well fuck me drunk and call me Paris! I managed to get this biatch to work.

    As for the phone, it is a phone right? This is why i stick with Nokia, even old nutjobs can work it out, ie, my parents. Bahahahaha!

  2. huniii Says:

    paris needs to be drunk before you can fuck her? steph, what planet are you livin on huh?
    and yes its a fone. its a pda.
    and everytime i get a nokia they break, so…..
    good 2 see your commenting again though! welcome back! I’ll take your mastery of the comment thingy as hope that i may be able to manage the pda!

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