Its all DH’s Fault

Yep, Im blaming him again (cant you just hear him sighing in resignation? mr tough-guy just accepts it as his due now! and he says i couldnt train him…..HA!) (shit, shouldnt’ve said that out loud, huh)

So you know about the recent theme caused by him, right? Oh, for those who dont, EVERYONE and EVERYTHING i encounter lately is fucking Leb! New friends, new clients……. all LEBANESE! I blame him, because it basically started around the time we hooked up. (he’s leb too, remember?)

So that song i just blogged about????? MORE LEBANESE REFERENCES!

God damn it!

So i mention this, and the associated blame to him sarvo, and his response? “thats because we’re a superior race, and we’re just taking over the world.”

Cheeky smart arsed prick!

Now before him, ther were only 3 Lebs I was friends with or dealt with, now……. well lets see, there are the Anjoul brothers (2), Maroun, DH, George, Eli, the boys at UDC (2) Ib, Sublym, Rabs and PDK. That doesnt include the guys n gals who are from countries next door, just the lebs!

See? See? See? My phone, email and msn records will end up in the paper if theres another cronulla riot!

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