Fuck I’m Good

as you all know, im extremely modest, so the title will come as no shock. HOWEVER, this time i has me some SOLID PROOF of the tangible variety to back up my ludicris claims!

So on Monday, I was home at lunchtime (insert gasps here) and being weirded out by the daytime silence was just no fun, so i flicked on the telly (scary I know) for some background noise while i threw down a sammich.

Some crap with that ellen degeneres (or woteva the spelling is) chick who i thought dissappeared long ago was on. ‘Parently shes got her own show now. meh. ANYHOOOOOOO…….. the point was that on this extremely pointless and therefore on for dole bludgers and old folks to watch, had a DJ on. Dont get excited, apparently he’s leaving, so theres goes the only possible distraction from crapness for that hour……

So he throws on a tune……i hear approximately 30 seconds of it before the fone rings and i gots ta turn it off. Doesnt matter, that 30 seconds had me HOOKED! I was in luuuuurrrrrvvvveee!

So, armed with a melody that wont get outta my head, and the fact that the show was supposedly going to have angelica houston as the highlight (contain yourselves please) no artist name, or song title etc, I was sure it was a once only thing.


Super Honey is here to save the day! Long story short (shut up all you people hurrah-ing) is that in less than 20 mins surfn the web, I found it!

Id luuuurrrrrvvvvveee to be cleverer enough to put it here for all to here, but instead I will just tell y’all its “gigalo” by nick cannon. You all know where google is, or else GUARANTEED you will hear it blasting out of my car over the next few days, annoying the fuck outta those poxy new neighbours of mine!

Which, btw, have waged a new campaign of “annoy the fuck outta Honey”. I’ll keep ya’s posted. It started with flogging my bin and hiding it. Just wait n see what this little ducky has in store….

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