God DAMN I smell good!

So I got this perfume for Christmas, Elizabeth Taylor, right, soooooo not what I would ever have picked up to try, and it was GORGEOUS. Diamonds and Rubies for those of you playing at home.

So, since then, the past 4 months I have been irritating sales girls every time I walk into a perfumery (which if you know me at all, you will know is VERY OFTEN) and asking if they carry it. If they know someone who DOES then. No? USELESS BASTARDS!

Even EBAY let me down.


Then this morning…….. the perfume empire……display cabinet……right below D&G (my first stop of course)…….there it was! NEW LINE! They had it!!

Now, hold onto your hats, ladies…….because believe it or not, it gets EVEN BETTER!

100mls. $29.00!!!!!!!!!

I nearly orgasmed right there on the spot. *wink*

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One Comment on “God DAMN I smell good!”

  1. Dang! I told you smelling good was a key to good times, success and hotness. Keep it going girl!

    I currently smell like a Pineapple. It can take days to remove the aroma of food sex games…

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