In short…….

Current mood: EXTREMELY GOOD
Current status: EXTREMELY PISSED (perhaps reason for point one?)
Current activities: Blogging, listening to tunes and boogy-ing in the chair, trying not to fall out off it
Days Develpoments: TOF had a baby girl yesterday, 8lb4oz, both doing fine, lots of work stuff (boring), big convo with DH(still not quite done with coz like a typical chick i changed my mind on something 2 seconds after hanging up), night off planned for tomoz, PIA situation slightly improved, MAJOR compliment received, made complete dick of self numerous times, met GDG’s boyfriend PFWAH!!!! is he hot or what???
Acomplishments: spoke true thoughts and feelings to DH for once without protecting myself and just laid it bare, fixed argument with MFC, got some clients stuff finished thats been on the pile for ages, sorted out 2 major clients dramas, paid a stack of bills that have been sitting there a while, made few fone calls id been putting off, re-established contact with an old friend,spent some real quality time with bugalugs, & SLEPT IN TILL AFTER 7AM!!!
Fuck Ups: some stuff with DH, and i forgot an important call. not too bad really. oh, and I gave in to the evils of a gloria jean’s white chocolate mocha. so evil. so, so evil. but so damn yummy and i so rarely indulge in sweetness. honey is sweet enough!
Most Stupid Thing I Said Today: Well who the fuck would be idiotic enough to do that? oh. yeah. me. oops

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