Bugalugs can sing

My little man has always been better at the words to chart singles than stupid arsed nursery rhyme shit. While I was pregnant, intead of playing those “baby mozart” cds ‘n stuff, i went clubbing. As you do. And when my belly got too big, the smoke got too much, and people were just too drunk, we drove home blasting clubbing tracks from our kick-arsed stereos that were worth as much or more than the cars we put them in (see if I can dig out some old pics, coz they were a sight to behold. some even won awards). As the my due date approached, and the football games in my stomach got unbearable (bugalugs was 11lbs – u try having something that big do a dance in your stomach n see how YOU like it) the only thing that calmed him was – you guessed it – clubbing tunes.
So I would sleep with the steroe on. Ministry of Sound, Nick Skitz and Wild were my favourite words, because they produced stillness. To this day the little bugger still calms down when this style of music is played.
However, I digress.
Hands up all those who know the words to Rougue Traders’ Voodoo Child? Of course you do. So you gotta love it when on the way home from school today it came on the radio, and i changed to a CD instead, much to bugalugs dismay. I was promptly left with “muuuuuum! I like the trap song!”
whaaaaa? I hear you say. Me too. So I asked him.
“mum I like that song. the one that says “oooh baby baby. you are my booby trap, my booby trap”
Gotta love it.
Not lovable however are the recent excerpts of songs he has chosen to sing, out loud, at the worst possible moments, including such gems as:
“i got hoes, i got hoes, in different areas codes…..”
“let me touch it, let me feel it, let me grab it, that, that phat rabbitt”
“hey, yo, hoes”
“yeah baby, let me see you work that shit”
all not good things from a 5 year old….
well, he is MY 5 year old after all

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