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Ok, so today (and tonight in particular) has been a BITCH. In the extreme. So instead of whinging, or competing for the title of “most swear words used in a single post”, I’m going in a different direction. However, I reserve the right to come back later and go mental if I feel like it, mkay?

So in the peanut I fondly refer to as my brain, I have been pondering the things that make me, me. Its quite a list, let me tell you, and not all of it is pretty (unlike me, who is of course gawjus and totally hawt. LOL)

On the plus side (because who the fuck wants to admit theres a minus list? oh yeah, me.) we have things which have good AND bad bits, yet on the minus side, its just all crap. Why is this so? (yes, i did use to watch that curiosity show. Dont tell me your too young to remember it, coz if I can, I’ll bet you can too. no I dont have the t-shirt, god, im not THAT sad!). So anyway, back to the attempt at being positive, upping my mood and diverting myself from the point where i want to commit murder……. and here are some of the good bits Ive come up with.
* I ALWAYS smell good. No matter what. And I’d better considering how much funding goes into it.
* I dress well. Except when working on cars. Or painting. But apart from that, I get plenty of compliments on my attire. Thats something to be proud of I reckon. And its not all about the shoes, although thats where most my disposable income goes, and for good reason! I have plenty of FANTABULOUS shoes. (yes that is a word when talking about my imelda marcos obsession)
* I’m a supportive friend. No matter what the time, weather or traffic situation, if a friend is in need, they call, im there. Its just that simple. Everything from child-minding to breakup consoling to “can you pick up…. for me?” to a well-needed gossip to wingwoman to moneylender to car repairs to well, anything they ask. If its humanly possible, and occasionaly when its not, I’m there.
* I give great advice. I suck at my own life. CLEARLY. But when it comes to others, I’m the advice queen. Dunno why, but I have a knack for sorting out everyone elses lives. Now if I could just figure out how to ask myself for some……
* I’m a good mum. I wouldnt say great. Theres stuff I really want to do better on there. But bugalugs is a REAL handful. But I do my best. An other mums I consider great think I do a great job too. And they all admitted defeat in the search for ways to control him ages ago. I dont do too bad, really. He’s a good kid at heart. When he’s not awful, he’s a LEGEND. And when he’s awful, I dont completely screw it up. And I’m still trying, and learning. And I do HEAPS better than alot of others in similar situations. Its OK, I’m not perfect, but Im pretty good, and still trying to do better.
* I kick arse in my work. Absolutely. Its all word of mouth. Never advertised. But I’m about to. Oops, I just let the cat outta the bag, huh. More on the business front soon.
* I dont fuck other people up. Im not a bitch. I dont screw with people. I dont hurt them. I dont lie to them. I dont go out for revenge when wronged. Even after a falling out, I remain loyal. I dont spill secrets. I dont speak ill of others unless unavoidable. (ok I do here, but its anonymous) and I dont let others speak ill of my friends in my presence.
* Im Miss Giggles. DH bestowed that title on me. Its better than a similar one I used to have, so it replaced it. I’m fun to be around. This is something Im probably most happy with. Even at the lowest points in my life, I make people laugh. Theres a story there with Foof and her “prickle stick” running down the middle of the road in the early hours of the morning to defend me. That was a low point, and within 5 minutes of the events conclusion, i had her in stitches.

All of those things have bad bits to them. But just for once, Im not going there. Im leaving this on a positive note for a change.

To witch, I will add this tidbit:
Bugalugs is getting good at speaking the taal. He has an active interest, and thinks its cool. It sounds so cute, you have to hear it to believe it. I’ll leave you with his favourite word for the day: “baie dankie”

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One Comment on “More About Me”

  1. You could be a crappy friend, crap at your job, give sucky advice and all that but as long as you always smell good, you’re a winner in my book.

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