i am currently debating things within myself

pertinent things to this blog would include:

  1. whether to fuck off the pseudonyms. they WERE to protect the innocent, but everyone has been found guilty. this would mean using first names and nicknames instead of abbreviations. PROS this would make the blog much easier to read as well as write. this would make me sound alot more coherant. this would mean i could use the blog to 100% of its intended purpose. this would mean i would feel better and finally have some relief. this would make me happy. CONS this would possible irritate 1 or 2 people (who would get over it). this would mean no turning back. this would mean people could see ME, the whole ME, and thats scary. this would mean doing explinations of some things im not completely sure i want the entire universe to understand (because of course, the whole universe stops to read my blog). this would mean people in the real world who stumble across this blog would know me better than they may want to.
  2. i have finally gotten my finger out of my arse and am now focusing on getting my business running properly. im even planning on advertising. its this whole new concept, people! up until now, ALL my business has been word of mouth. which although nice, is restrictive when you want to fuck the bastards off, because invariably they will bitch about you to another client…….sigh. assholes. POINT BEING however, that this will require a trading name. possibly even the tiniest effort from me in establishing a Pty Ltd, because until now i have been a sole trader under my own name. kinda bodgy looking though in the fast and furious world of corporate finance. so yeah, any suggestions re a name for either company or trading would be most appreciated. a happy dance could even be arranged for a successful suggestion.
  3. using spell checker. this would take me longer but at least it would pick up my typos and stop me from looking like a try hard wanker. i do know big words. i can spell them. im just lazy on here. same goes for
  4. punctuation. fekkn shift key. dont like, dont like.

oh yeah, and thanks for the comments and emails re the braveness of me posting my pic. yes that is my eye. dont poke it please. it hurts. doesnt make baby jesus cry, but oh well. im sure you’ll find something else that gets to him.

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