trawling through other peoples lives

so on stephs blog (see the sidebar – im too lazy to link here people) as i was snooping through her drawers so-to-speak, i came across a blog on her blogroll called “byrons not a turtle” (also too lazy to link, try it from stephs). Now i havent peered into this blog yet (obviously im just about to, but already im in love. i think DH might be too when i tell him.

you see, for ages now, i have referred to him in real life with real life friends (as well as him) as “amasele”. (for all you people out there not as cleverer as me is, thats turtle in zulu).

Theres a story behind him being christened a turtle. all who know us can relate. long story short – think of aesop’s hare and the tortoise. Honey = Hare. DH = Tortoise (turtle/tortoise same shit, different flippery thingies…ooooohhhh look, me talk good now)

maybe its just my exorbitant ego (soooo need to utilise spell-checker) but Ive maintained from the outset that he is letting a good thing pass him by. hes not taking full advantage of the brilliant things available to him (ie: me, of course). This applies to other things too, but hey, this is MY blog and IM the centre of the universe here, so bugger off!

actually, that blogs rather good. think i will have to investigate further……….and i stopped being a lazy cow and linked it all for you. dont say i dont do nuffin for yas (is that enough double negatives?)
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