the list (one of them anyways)

Things Im Thinking Of Blogging

1. The most recent email from a stranger i recieved offering me $1,000 to let him fuck me (notice, let HIM fuck ME – so glad I dont have to do all the hard work there), or failing that (after my ever-so-polite response) $500 for me to just blow him (loving the word “just”)

2. Another recent email from a stranger who was offering to turn me into a “squirter”. PLEASE tell me i dont have to explain what this is. I just did that with someone I thought new better and it was a VERY weird conversation. If you dont know, visit your local porn site people! I guess the highlight of that was his point that 7 out of 8 women he had been successful with. was this a percentage he was quoting, or ACTUAL statistics? and if they were real numbers, how’d this guy con 8 women into getting nekkid with him?

3. The msn chat i had with THE MOST DEMENTED FUCKTARD LOSER i have EVER come across. (believe me people – that is saying something!)

4. My dilemma over whether i am already AM an alcoholic, or just someone who should be.

5. The sudden EXPLOSION of people who i dont know, who tell me people THEY know now read this blog. WHAT THE FUCK???
even my real life friends have trouble making sense of this. how can those with no clue who these abbreviations are and what all the code-words mean possibly stand to read my ramblings, dementedness and jibberish? kudos to RE for chosing the word jibberish to describe it, PIA for dementedness (is this even a word you blonde thing you?) and G4D for the ramblings thing.

and oh yes, theres a whole PILE of other stuff in my head but im waiting to talk it through with DH first. its still in a fairly raw state in my mind, and for some reason, i like using him as a sounding board. he sets my brain in otherwise unfollowed directions. its noice.

and on that note, just for a change (maybe even inspired by russell allen, just maybe) i thought id report something else on that front

DH did something really different today. he said something that really got to me. and it wasnt horrid. in fact – it was……….well…….it was whatever the word is thats the same level as horrid but in the OTHER direction.

see, its been so long that i cant even think of what the good words are to do a happy post. but i am happy. and singing the happy song. out of tune and sqeeky due to my godfather/chipmonk throat and almost non-existant voice, but still the happy song.


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