whats REALLY bothering me

isnt so much the betrayal

isnt so much the waste of so many years of friendship

isnt so much the shock that i could have been so wrong

isnt that they arent who i thought they were

isnt that im left with almost nothing all over again

isnt the massive task of starting over

its the fact that i feel almost nothing about it. its so tiring is about the most i can say. and thats scary. i should be hurt. i should be angry. i should be up in arms.

i just dont feel it. i dont really feel anything. maybe a tad dissappointed but thats it. nothing.

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One Comment on “whats REALLY bothering me”

  1. Steph Says:

    Maybe you’re just feeling numb right now? I hope you do start to feel something. Anger, hate, whatever. That has to be better than indifference.

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