new thoughts

some things have been bubbling away in my mind. ok, so lots of things are always bubbling away in there, but these are big things.

maybe its just all the changes going on. maybe its the freaky shit im dealing with atm. maybe its just time. maybe its DHs influence (not on telling me what to do, but in setting my mind to new paths of thought)

whatever it is, im thinking its time

time to start again. re-evaluate. alot of those things im starting to think about have gone through major changes lately. some of those things have reached natural turning points anyway.

and others, well, others are just not working the way i want them to. and when so many things arent going how you want them to, then you have to consider that its because of what your doing, and change. because if i keep doing the same things, so things will stay the same.

and ive kinda run out of time for wallowing and procrastinating and deferring.

show me the bullet, im ready to bite it.

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