i WAS writing a post about…..

1. how happy i was
2. the brilliant mood i was in
3. a whole heap of other good stuff

but then someone came along and stuffed it.

im so tired of other people fucking around with me.

how do you make it not get to you?

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4 Comments on “i WAS writing a post about…..”

  1. You still were happy, in a brilliant mood and the good stuff was still there. You coulda just made it a retrospective. Ultimately, a blog is always going to be viewed as an archive so don’t let folks see all the darkness.

  2. huniii Says:

    appreciate your comment, but i write this blog to vent the darkness.
    im not called miss giggles etc for nothing
    this blog is how i keep that giggly girl alive
    all the good stuff gets spoken about to my real world friends, and bandied about online on msn.
    anyone who spends 2 minutes talking to me, or reads my comments on others blogs sees a whole other girl than whats here.
    whats here are the voices in my head telling me to burn things lol

  3. I use my blog to vent too but I try to infuse some lightness too. I find it more cathartic that way.

    I like burning things too but I burn stupid shite like Michael Bolton LP’s while blindfolded or sumthin.

  4. huniii Says:

    any michael bolton lps i had…..oh fuck it, why would i have michael bolton lps???

    you know what, thats scary. your post made me look over my archives – theyre all gloomier than fucking eeyore.

    what a sap my online persona must be. must remedy. situation……

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