deja vu

So. Three days in a row now I have bumped into someone (3 different someones, not the same one) that i hadnt seen in a while. Each one of them commented that I was looking good, and had lost weight (yet one more reason to not have kids, like you needed any more).

How much do you have to be loving that?

Answer – PLENTY. Especially since its been more than 4 months since i regularly went to the gym, and since i quit martial arts. And dont forget Christmas was in there too……….

So anyways, I got home and decided to hop on the scales (bane of every womans existance) and lo and behold – Ive actually GAINED weight since the last time I looked. only 2 kilos but anyway….

So I let the idea of that sink in for a while, and decided that fuck it, it didnt make any sence that i had lost weight since STOPPING all that, but thats just how it is, so OK. Then it dawned on me. Perhaps it was related to something else. Something else that had outweighed (pun not intended) all the gymming and training I used to get up to.

And that something isnt good. Now I dont know whether to be pleased that people are thinking I look better, (still nowhere near where I should be, oh how i miss the old me even though i understand and accept the reasons that she is on holiday) or whether i should be concerned that something else has taken a greater toll on me than i was willing to concede.

Im just never satisfied, am i?

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