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so Aurs – the lost legionary author – is a pal, a long distance pal, but a pal nonetheless. and from reading his blog you would know he lives in byzantium. (bugger getting the spelling right)

A glance to his sidebar will reveal an explination of the placenames, and skyline views of the cities (immediately recognisable to all “romans”)

in private emails and telephone discussions we have previously discussed MY home city, mos eisley. RE FREQUENTLY expresses his distaste for this (and once the nerd in him had explained to me what the fuck mos eisley was, i could clearly see the reasoning behind his choice of pseudonym – even though i dont see what start wars has to do with rome, but anyhooooo)

so in my trawls through cyberia i discovered our local council, idiots though they most clearly are (i mean, who campaigns for, and then throws a huge celebration for the fact that we now appear on the mos eisly weather map on the nightly news, thats right, us) where was i before the brackets? ah yes, IMBICILES though our councillors etc are, their website yeilded a pleasant surprise (yes, i said “a”, theres was only one)

they have collected and hosted a pile of old fotos from as far back as 1820, all showing local areas, and buildings etc of importance (to locals, clearly, because ive lived here just about forever and there are some “significant” things that even I have never heard of, and I do actually know quite alot about the area – DONT ASK WHY!! LOL) . So heres one of my home town, just to show I DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO LIVING IN MOS EISLEY. personally, i dont much like it at all in there. street directories are useless, you WILL get lost, at LEAST once per journey. So this is in 1850. looks different now, let me assure you.

And so lets move on to the late 1990s….

an aerial shot of the cbd of my little city.

it really is too small to contain residents like me, huh?

and heres the main drag a few years ago…..what a backward little hole we were then…..(shut up RE!!)

and for all you other non nerds out there who didnt know about mos eisley either try this. anyone geeky is banned from clicking, as they will never return im sure. ive heard of what you geeks get up to……

and for those overseas people confused by me talking about living in the roman empire, blame Aurs. And yes, i do live in AUSTRALIA, not ITALY. Click his blog link on my sidebar if your still confused.

oooh, and one more linky thingy for the roman mos eisley. *sigh* thats better

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