Today is Tuesday. Today my name should be Jessica Simpson, because Im sure I wouldnt know the difference between tuna and chicken. Even if it WAS in a can in front of me marked Dolhin Friendly. Chickens and dolphins are friends arent they? Oh god, I even sound demented to me.

My brain is smoosh. Worse than smoosh. I feel like crap. Worse than crap. I have too many things I dont want to deal with and yet have no choice BUT to deal with them.

Im tired.

And I want something. Im not exactly sure what, but I know something is missing. Actually, there are quite a few things I want, but thinking about them, none of them jump out and say “YES!! THATS IT!! THATS WHAT WILL FILL THE HOLE!!”

Theres just a hole. And me. With no idea what goes in the hole. But I just cant stop looking at the hole.

I give up. I cant even explain it so as to make sense to myself, let alone other people.

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