The Midnight Hour

Well, tomorrow is D-Day. You must know its important because I’m finally using punctuation and capital letters etc. (Dont get too used to it).

So the day hasnt been too bad, I got a fair bit done this weekend, and a number of people stepped up. A few didn’t, but no-one can expect 100% success on any task can they? I’m fairly happy with what I got. And really, what I didnt get isn’t worth me getting upset over, because they obviously don’t care, I can’t force them too, trying would be a waste of time, and I don’t have time to waste.

PIA was fantastic. I’m so glad I have her. I really would be lost without her I think. She has become such a staying force, a real safe harbour. There as best she can when I need her, and not there when I need her to not be there. And on top of all that, she’s even there on occassions when i dont need her, just want her. Its a really nice surprise. So PIA, thank you babe. Really, thank you.

Which brings me to the final item that someone else has the ability to affect, and that would be DH. Who has of course, managed to make himself last on the list (for maximum impact, of course). Advance warning has never been his strong point, and I will admit to giving him a gentle nudge just now. So we will see what happens. Earlier this afternoon was the statement that it was most likely to go well. And the statement that he will call me later in the day to sort it some more. Which was nice to hear, but seems not exactly truthfull. But, I am not passing judgement until time is up. I will have faith. I will trust. I will not give in to all those things I would have.

But i will say this, 3 strikes will DEFINATELY see him out. So far he’s 2 from 2, and both of those would have resulted in instant dismissal for anyone else. There are reasons why I have given him extra leeway, but as valid as they are, I can only give so much of myself. Theres only so much i can give before theres nothing left. And a red card on this one will leave the bank dry.

So cross your fingers for me.

and yes i do know i have avoided the REAL issue of what tomorrow brings. I will deal with it as it comes. Anyone else wanting to be added to the sms list for instant results needs to fone or text me. however it goes, im ok with it. theres nothing else i can do except accept the inevitable. so i guess ill post again when i do. no expectations this time.

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