missed a day

so – day three.

sorry didnt post last night but i was EXHAUSTED. I went to bed at like, 6oclock or something. I just couldnt stay awake. this morning i got up, saw the living room, and remembered why leaving bugalugs to his own devices is such a bad idea.

well yesterday was a bit better. certainly easier for me, and i got quite a few positive things out of it with GNH and DH. WSP and MBP did helpful things with DHs car for me, so i finally finished one part of that, and so DH cant bitch any more (at least on that issue). I got CPS to relax a little too, which makes me feel better. PIA was gorgeous and even though she had to work, made quite an effort to go out of her way to make me feel good, which was not only REALLY nice of her, but also greatly appreciated.

however, i am a bit confused, worried and grumpy at something DH did (or more to the point, didnt) do. but im going to keep quiet and see how things go. i know he has issues today, and i also know that tomorrow is his deadline with me. so no point in bothering until then. because then i have ALL the facts i need, and can decide properly. i can see that today, despite being seriously busy for me, will also be a day of wondering. again. god i hate that.

but at least i get to go shopping.

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