Hearts and heads

so i live by my heart. not by my head. oh, i listen to what my head thinks, but ultimately will go with my heart every time. its how i am, and i dont care if you dont agree, or dont like it, your not the one who has to live my life, i am. your not the one who has to look at me in the mirror everyday and like or dislike what you see, i am. so deal with it. im doing whats right for me, and as long as that doesnt hurt you, and even sometimes if it does, you have no right to complain.

Crisis point has been reached on a few issues, and a number of people are about to get a big shock. and not a nice one i would imagine. and my thought is – FUCK THEM. i cant continue feeling like crap the whole time just so they dont. thats their shit to deal with. im fine with giving in SOMETIMES, but compromise means both sides give a little, not just my side.

so if your reading this post this morning, and your one of those “takers” in my life at the moment, prepare to start giving a little. or alot, depending on who you are. and if you arent prepared to do that, then get prepared to pack your bags.

im a good person. im a nice person. im caring and considerate and loyal and try my hardest to be the best friend i can be, the best mother, sister, daughter etc i can be. im happy with that. i know im doing my best, and im at peace with it. if its not enough, then its not enough. i honestly believe that all i can do in this world is to be true to myself. and my truth is that its ok for me to ask for what i want, and expect my nearest and dearest to do their best to give it to me. some havent been trying hard enough. not for me anyway. and they are going to be told today, to either step up, or step off. its their choice. i have set the bar as to what I am willing to accept, and either they meet it, or they arent enough for me. thats not saying anything about THEM, its saying something about ME. that doesnt make anyone a bad person, or make anyone to blame. it doesnt make me angry. i simply have the responsibility to myself to accept nothing less than what i feel i should. thats completely about me, not anyone else. i am no longer willing to accept things i do not find acceptable.

and your either on board with that, or your not. its simple.

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