when i was pregnant with bugalugs, my cravings were severe. one in particular was rather savage (and annoying for my friends at the time, but a source of amusement nonetheless). i suffered from pica, which for those not-in-the-know (and be thankful if you fall into that category) is an extreeme form of cravings which include stuff like eating dirt etc. I had this need to chew ice. lots of it. litres a day. it was primal, my teeth just had to chew on it. i would constantly make people pull into maccas or something and get a cup of ice. (and considering your bladder becomes non-existant about the 6th month, you can IMAGINE)

right now, i have a craving for something that is almost that bad. or maybe worse. i want it so bad it hurts. i can taste it, even though i dont have any. i want to SCREAM i want it so bad. its driving me insane. im desperate. i cant concentrate. all my thoughts keep centering on it. i see it, smell it and taste it everywhere i turn.


and its not even chocolate! lol

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One Comment on “cravings”

  1. invig Says:

    poor thing 🙂

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