special people

there are a few people in my life right now that i would call special. and all for different reasons.

MN – for being so caught up in herself that she cant be arsed returning a simple fone call, but still has the audacity to complain if i dont answer her single solitary text message within 5 minutes

RE – for kicking my arse when i need it and refusing to subscribe to the tut-tut mentality whilst remaining a good friend

MA – for flying all the way from QLD with his son LL just to give me the attention etc i have so sorely needed because no local friends where doing their bit

Bugalugs – apart from the fact that he is ALWAYS a special person to me, he is particularly so atm for being able to melt my heart even whilst making me want to peg hard objects at his head (hes being a particularly bad little monster lately)

DH – who manages to keep me hanging on despite numerous red-card offenses. Fucking smooth talking prick that i just cant hate no matter how hard i try.

PIA – for just being the way she is, and making me feel the way she does. alot of my friends could take a few lessons from this girl. she still does things that i get angry and upset at when others do it, it just all comes down to HOW you do what you do. and the little bonus things she puts in, that shows she listens, and cares about whats going on with me and what i need and want.

So to all those special people, thankyou.

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One Comment on “special people”

  1. Aurelius Says:

    I never kicked the arse of anyone who didn’t get down on bended knee and beg me to.

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