another special person

i almost forgot – one more person to thank

and that would be the complete fuckwit who caused last nights car fiasco. resulting in an accident, a scared 5 year old boy, a damaged car, alot of fone calls, a stressed honey, a whole night of drama and roadside repairs in the dark, the rain and the cold, a soaking wet pair of jeans covered in debris, me without a jacket in a flimsy top which afforded no protection from the elements whatsoever but did allow me to flash alot of clevage which was the only thing that made someone stop, tell me where i was, and lend a torch for 5 minutes before deciding it was too cold and wet to be bothered helping a stranger anymore, and im certain i will have a cold by tuesday. I also want to thank them for a whole morning wasted on more car repairs, and another tomorrow when i go and buy replacement parts (dont forget the whole in my bank account) and another evening on fitting them. and the drop in value to the already cheapened resale price.

on the plus side, i DI get a fantastic workout by sweating like crazy trying to sort everything out, and will never have to lift weights again thanks to all the strength required to undo wheel nuts and assorted bolts.

and it has forced me to get new tires and a wheel alignment this week instead of just when i got around to it. and a steering alignment. and a new rim. so foofy – where have those mag rims gone???????????????

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