speaking of stateside…..

well, i mentioned it in my last post (thank god that worked this time) so the title IS correct. You will recall a previous post about devildogmarines (no I cant be arsed checking to see when it was and tell you here to make your life easier if you didnt read it – do it yourself you lazy so-and-so) and if you didnt read it on my blog, im sure you saw where 2 of my fellow bloggers STOLE it and blogged it themselves without any credit to me (grrrrrr).

I mention it again because i recently received an email from the author thanking me for referring his site. (awwwww) It was really nice actually, and of course surprising. So i replied. And he did. and now im about to again. Isnt it funny how things work some times?

So anyway, if you havent already, go check it out. Its worth a look. And a second mention from me (see, i gave myself credit)

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